River Heights

River Heights

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Devoke water is stocked by MADAA in order to support the resident fish populations. Perch can also be found in Devoke Water.

If you are a river fisher, an early spate in June usually brings the first of the Sea Trout to all the lower river beats. The numbers then build up to the seasons close at the end of September.

A rise in water levels in July can start the Salmon activity. The main run appearing from August onwards to the seasons close at the end of October.

The rivers Duddon, Esk, Annas, Lickle, Black Beck and Lazy are spate rivers, therefore fishing prospects are far better not long after a storm.

The River Irt is the outflow from Wastwater and as such its water level is maintained higher for longer when Wastwater is full.

The River Irt, Lower Duddon and Lower Esk beats are part tidal so fresh fish can always be close by.

The committee would wish all who participate to abide by the associations rules and the countryside code. Please observe nearby power lines and be aware of the health and safety of yourself and others around you. Please practice catch and release wherever possible. 
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