River Esk, Muncaster Castle Estate

River Esk, Muncaster Castle Estate

DANGER be aware of the power lines on the upper water.

SPECIES AND GUIDANCE… Salmon and Sea Trout

This fishery is available to all Millom & District AA members.

Junior members must be accompanied by an adult as the fishery is TIDAL.

Please check local tide tables before visiting, especially so when night fishing.

Please carry your M&DAA membership card or tickets at all times for ID purposes. 

The fishing is single left/South bank upstream of Muncaster Bridge for 1250m .

Downsream of Muncaster Bridge the fishing is double bank for 1000m.

The upper limit is @ the Willow tree which is at the top of Cleven Meadow.

The lower limit’s are downstream of the Castle.

Car parking for the lower water is best at the Birkby road junction.

For the upper water park near to the entrance of Howbank Farm.

Wherever parking do not block any entrances or gateways.

Fishing is by Fly Spinner and Worm only.

As is the case on our upper Esk fishery at Brantrake no Shrimp or Prawn methods allowed.

The river bank is steep & slippery in places please take care.

Sections of the upper water are reed lined so be aware of hidden pot holes!

No trimming of branches, reeds etc to be undertaken without permission.

Please remove any litter & take it home.

Finally please keep a record of visits and fish caught/released.
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Phone: 555-555-5555
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